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2021 End-of-the-Year Fundraiser!

The PSF launched the CPython Developer-in-Residence role as well as the Python Packaging Project Manager role this year! Now the PSF is faced with financially sustaining these programs.  

To continue the above initiatives, the PSF will need to generate USD 325,000 per year. To hire additional folks for either initiative (in demand), the PSF will need USD 500,000+ per year. The amount of funding required is in addition to funding needed to maintain PyCon US, our fiscal sponsor program, several working groups, an international grants program, a healthy financial reserve, and a growing staff to operate the PSF. Even if donations are a portion of the PSF's revenue, every dollar makes an impact and allows the PSF financial stability to continue supporting a growing community!

Contributing to the PSF financially helps sustain programs that support the larger Python community. Donate today!

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