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Donation for the Packaging Workgroup

Your financial contribution to the Packaging Workgroup will be handled as a donation to the Python Software Foundation (PSF).

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About the Packaging Workgroup

The Packaging Workgroup is focused on supporting the efforts to improve and maintain the Python packaging ecosystem. Currently the main goal is to support the implementation of "Warehouse", a new implementation of PyPI that solves many of the long standing issues with PyPI, and supporting the ongoing maintenance of the code base that currently powers PyPI.

While PyPI is a foundational part of the Python ecosystem, it is currently massively understaffed for a project of its size. As a site, it serves approximately 300TB of bandwidth and 3 billion requests a month, but is maintained by one primary developer devoting 60+ hours a week and supported by only two additional regular contributors. The same primary developer is also the primary driving force behind Warehouse.

Your donation will help secure additional help to implement Warehouse and speed up the process of getting the slowly deteriorating code base replaced with a modern, well written replacement.  It will further support maintenance on the current code base until it can be replaced and also general improvements to the packaging ecosystem.

About the PSF

The Python Software Foundation is a non-profit organization entirely supported by its sponsor members and the public.  Our mission is to further the development of the Python language and its applications.

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