PSF Managing or Contributing Membership Self-Certification

Please fill in all fields below to self-certify and apply as a PSF Managing Member or Contributing Member. You must be a basic member before you apply to be a contributing/managing member. You can become a basic member here:

PSF Managing members are people who dedicate at least five hours per month working to support the Python ecosystem - by organizing Python events, managing or contributing to PSF projects, running infrastructure, participating in one of the PSF's working groups etc.

PSF Contributing Members are people who dedicate at least five hours per month working on Python-related projects that advance the mission of the PSF. Python-related projects can be open-source software projects using Python you contribute to, Python user groups / conferences you organize, etc.

As a PSF Managing Member or Contributing Member you have voting rights in the PSF. You can choose not to make use of your voting rights below.

The name, affiliation, Working Group and Project associations of PSF Managing/Contributing Members will be published to the PSF membership once a suitable mechanism for doing so has been determined.

The Board of Directors of the Python Software Foundation reserves the right to decline an application should it be determined that the self-certification was made in bad faith.

Please check our bylaws for details on the terms used in this form:

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PSF Managing/Contributing Members are expected to contribute at least 5 hours/month to at least one PSF Working Group or Python-related project. Please list the PSF Working Groups or Python-related projects you contribute to.
PSF Managing/Contributing Members have voting rights in the PSF. A member may select not to make use of that voting right in the current year. We will ask the members with voting rights each year for their preference.